Who We Are

We are a family. We are farmers. We are community builders. We are JOY bringers. We connect you to your farmers by hand-delivering the very best and freshest local goods right to your front door. Our journey to get here was completely unplanned and unprecedented. We were not farmers. We did not grow up in wide open spaces, and we definitely did not plan on leaving the classroom or the exam room. We grew TUF guided by faith, supported by our family and by finding meaning and connection through our food.

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What We Do

We cultivate community through food by partnering with real people, growing and creating real products and connecting you to their stories by hand-delivering those goods to your family.

“There is nothing better than breaking bread and a belly laugh to make you feel human”
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Meet the Team


Dustin Loyd

Greenhouse Manager

Dustin Loyd came to us serendipitously out of a retail background, but his horticulture background and attention to detail is why you can't stop eating our sexy salad mix. He is not just an employee, he is family and he cares as much about what we do and how we do it as we do.


Kate Dawson

Kate Dawson is a Virginia native who has spent the last seven years in the floral wedding design world of Chicago before transplanting back to the East Coast with her husband and their hound dog in 2020. She has a degree in horticulture from Virginia Tech, her favorite animal is the fruit bat, and she loves a good tiki drink. We love her and you will too!


Mike Peel & Sue Perkinson

This dynamic duo helps you make your table look like this. From hand-delivering to your front door, to making sure that we are serving you well in every area, Mike and Sue play a pivotal role in keeping TUF rolling and we are so thankful that they are a part of our village.

Our Promise

To always stay aligned with our guiding principles to inspire you to bring back your kitchen table.

Eat well. Be happy.


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