Give us a call or text at 919-924-4031 or shoot us an email at tufproduce@gmail.com.
It is up to you! A delivery fee of $4.99 applies to each order, but cost varies depending on your unique purchase. 
The cornerstone of what we grow and sell is our beyond-organic, sustainably-grown, pesticide-free, and GMO-free lettuces and greens. We also have an amazing village of local producers who allow us to offer other incredible seasonal produce, locally baked bread, farm-fresh pasture-raised meat and eggs, local NC wildflower honey, amazing goat milk body care, delicious nut butters, fresh flowers and dairy from the happiest cows in NC! The list goes on and on. Please see our Shop page for a detailed listing of our product line.
Currently we deliver to most of the Triangle, from Hillsborough to Holly Springs and Chapel Hill to Raleigh. If you are unsure if you are in our delivery area, please give us a call, send us an email, or check your address at check out, where you can confirm that you are in our delivery range.
If you’re not in our delivery area, we might be able to deliver to your workplace if that is in our delivery area, or maybe to the home of a friend/family member. If neither of these are options, don’t fret! Our delivery areas are expanding frequently so it’s likely we may be delivering to your area soon! Either way, give us a call or shoot us an email, and we will try and work it out for you!
Our produce is hyper local. Currently almost all of our products come from within a 50-mile range of the Triangle. All of our greens come from our own greenhouse farm right here in Apex! We are passionate about supporting local farmers doing good work for YOU and for the earth so our offerings will always be tied to the seasons.
No problem! Simply login to your account and add/remove any items prior to the delivery cutoff (Sunday at midnight). We know that things come up, new products show up and sometimes you just decide you can’t live without Honey Fig goat cheese for one more week! If that happens, make the change by the deadline. We've got you covered! #soeasy
It’s not necessary to be home to receive your delivery as we make the delivery right to your front door. However, especially as the season warms, it is important to put out a cooler. You can either purchase an amazing soft sided cooler from us for $20 or use your own. We are happy to accommodate any special delivery instructions for your order placement; just let us know.
We understand things come up. We may be able to leave a cooler for you. If we do, we simply ask that you either 1.) opt to purchase the very awesome cooler for future use, OR 2.) leave it out the next week for pickup. That being said, we do have a limited amount of space and coolers, and as the weather heats up, we may be forced to skip a delivery where a cooler is not present. We DO NOT want to do that!  
The cooler is easy to collapse and store inside. It is so nice you might just want to use it for a picnic! Please make sure to put it back outside the morning of your delivery. We do suggest you keep it somewhere out of direct sunlight so your items stay cool and add an ice pack or two – summer in the south is HOT! We send an email the day before delivery as a reminder.
Our coolers are well-insulated. However, for best results, please try to leave your cooler in the shade to help protect your delivery in sunny hot-weather months. We recommend that you leave an ice pack or frozen 1-liter water bottles if you are going to be gone from your house for longer than the typical 8 hour workday or if the day is going to be above 75 degrees F.
We have many customers who live in these homes and strive to find a working solution for deliveries. In most instances, we are able to have access to the building from the site management. There are instances, though, where we cannot make deliveries to controlled access locations OR a delivery can not be made at the time in which the delivery location falls (ie. too early). If that is the case, we are happy to try and work out a different delivery option for you.
The date of your first delivery depends on in what area you live and when your order. We take orders through Sunday 11:59pm for delivery THAT week on either Wednesday or Thursday. The day of your delivery will be determined by your zip code. In general, Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill are Wednesday. Cary/Apex/Holly Springs/Morrisville are Thursday. You will be alerted of your delivery day during the ordering process.
Our goal is to make deliveries between 6am and 5pm, however, there may be weeks that a delivery occurs out side of this range due to traffic, weather, high volume of orders. However, once you receive your first delivery, your delivery time shouldn’t vary greatly each week until the number of new fans in your area expands. If you live in a location that an early morning delivery will not be possible, please contact us at 919-924-4031 prior to placing your order so that we can ensure a successful delivery to you!
We have an amazing referral program! Share some TUFlove with the people you love. When they order, they will get $10 off their first order! AND you will get a $10 credit on your account as a thank you from us. Woo Hoo! 
There is no minimum at this time, except for certain far reaching zip codes where there is a $40 minimum. 
It is our goal to always deliver you exactly what you ordered and in the very best condition possible. Sometimes we will fall short and so will our produce. In the event that you are missing something or not satisfied with an item, please let us know. When possible, we will bring the missing item. However, life and schedules do not always allow for that, so, if you are missing an item or you receive a bad piece of produce, please let us know and we will offer you a credit to your account. We want you to eat well and be happy. If you aren’t, we will try and make it right. 


Eat well.
Be happy.

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